One way ticket

Yep it’s official… I have a one way ticket to Guam. I’m quite sure I’ve never had a one way ticket before!

Everyone seems to think I am living this great single life-so I figure I will.

My dating life sucks— I mean sucks! I’ve been hung up on someone for 5 years- waiting- waiting for him to want to be in a relationship. I’ve been squeezing him like a bar of soap- and well you know what happens when you squeeze a bar of soap!(I got this from Jenny McCarthy). Oh yes I’ve dated others—and just as disappointing. Anyway I figure if I’m going to live with a broken heart I can do that anywhere – so a tropical island is as good of place as any!

I have 9 shifts to go at work-then a month off – then I leave.

My dog- 11 year old yellow lab – my baby- still working out the details I plan in shipping him to me in December.

My house- will be a rental- ugh I have a lot of stuff!!!

Packing…. Aaghhhh. I have too many shoes.


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