Off track

This little blog didn’t turn out as I had planned … but that’s life right? Now it’s time to focus on ShesGoneRogue. I have a plan- well I’m still developing my vision
we will see.

Right now it’s about inspiration – inspiration I draw from others, stumble upon… and discover on my own. It’s about taking care of yourself and the ones you love including your pets! It’s about travel, taking chances, and living your best life. It’s been a year since I left Guam and I can now look back as my time there as a positive experience( more about that later maybe – I want to keep this positive!)

Lessons learned in Guam

What I learned in Guam ….. not to trust people. Specifically not to trust Stephanie Byrne. Specifically not to trust humans whose loyalty is determined by opportunity.
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Cliff jumping

This is the Pagat cliff line. The area below is called the washing machine. You should only jump in when the water is calm – and get out quickly. The water here is very dangerous and quickly changes. Now that winter is here it seems we are having weekly rescues or drowning. Respect the water-that’s a lesson I’m learning here.

My first thought as I emerged was… “I fell like a brick!”

I wanted to go again but by the time I got back up it seemed like conditions were already changing.




One way ticket

Yep it’s official… I have a one way ticket to Guam. I’m quite sure I’ve never had a one way ticket before!

Everyone seems to think I am living this great single life-so I figure I will.

My dating life sucks— I mean sucks! I’ve been hung up on someone for 5 years- waiting- waiting for him to want to be in a relationship. I’ve been squeezing him like a bar of soap- and well you know what happens when you squeeze a bar of soap!(I got this from Jenny McCarthy). Oh yes I’ve dated others—and just as disappointing. Anyway I figure if I’m going to live with a broken heart I can do that anywhere – so a tropical island is as good of place as any!

I have 9 shifts to go at work-then a month off – then I leave.

My dog- 11 year old yellow lab – my baby- still working out the details I plan in shipping him to me in December.

My house- will be a rental- ugh I have a lot of stuff!!!

Packing…. Aaghhhh. I have too many shoes.